Tuesday, 30 January 2018

To Do List

It's a new year! The start of something fresh and wonderful. So let's make a list of what awesome things we'd like to do this year...

 One thing that we ALL love to do is travel! So put that on the list. Port Alfred may be a small town compared to Cape Town but we've got loads of fun things to keep you busy or hey, relax and drink sundowners if that's more your thing.

We've got the river - boating, skiing, tubing, fishing, cruising. We've got the ocean - swimming, surfing, tanning, picnicking, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, body boarding. We've even got a mall! Yes, it's on the hill in case you missed it!

Better yet, we've got a stunning hotel, MyPond Hotel besides the river, with luxurious rooms that are affordable on any budget. Especially with the economy on the rise.

Why not put us on your to do list this year 2018?